You Are Here, and Not Alone

  • Rising and Falling — The story isn’t stagnant, especially as it relates to the central characters. They start off high and go low, or vice versa. They can have several ups and downs, but it isn’t flat. Something needs to happen. What?
  • A Crisis/Climax — The crisis forces the character to make a critical choice, leading to the height of the action, when things can go either way, the climax. We need to care about the characters, otherwise our investment will be minimal.
  • “The bad guy/gal did this!”
  • “The crazy celebrity did this!”
  • “These people are trying to do this to you, but we’re trying to stop them!”
  • “We were just barely able to prevent those evil people on the other side from ‘latest evil plot’!”
  • “These people are ‘evil label of choice’ and there are many of them!”



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Chad Hensley

Chad Hensley


Chad Hensley grew up in the great state of Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma where he received a BA in English Literature in 1993.